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Vehicle data in investigations – maximising evidential opportunities online workshop 


28 - 29 April 2021



Vehicle systems forensics expert Noel Lowdon of Harper Shaw Investigation Consultants Ltd will be joining us for this two-day online workshop that will explore the investigative opportunities that vehicle data can provide to an investigation.

Rapid advancements in automotive technology have enabled investigators to use vehicle data to build up a rich

evidential picture of key information relating to a crime including movement, location, association and driver

behaviour of suspects and witnesses.

It also comes with a number of challenges and so it is vital that investigators are fully aware of the challenges

and possible pitfalls so that they can address them successfully. 

About the workshop

The workshop will provide investigators with an introduction to vehicle systems forensics to maximise

investigative opportunities in major crime and serious collision investigations.

The course will look at a variety of different data sources on a vehicle from embedded systems including

infotainment ,diagnostics and crash data as well as some third party devices that are often overlooked.

The course will look at crime scene and evidential considerations and consider how vehicle data can form part

of an overall digital strategy, describing key features of vehicle data that may cross into other areas of digital


It will also encourage investigators to approach the vehicle as a ‘crime scene’ and provide ‘on scene’ advice to


There will also be a step by step look at current protocol for dealing with vehicles as part of a digital crime scene

examination including recovery and examination strategies. We will highlight some pitfalls and common mistakes

and how to avoid them.

Infotainment System data 

The workshop will focus on how to identify different types of vehicle infotainment systems and the data that can be extracted from such systems, how it can be acquired, validated, and used as evidence. This is an ever-changing area and the workshop will provide you with the most up to date picture. 

About our expert

A former detective with West Yorkshire Police, Noel is considered one of the UK’s leading experts and works on investigations with most UK forces as well as internationally. He is an expert witness and is very alive to the need to present robust and accurate evidential data. He also conducts on-going research to ensure he stays ahead of this ever-advancing field and so is able to provide a contemporary snapshot of the challenges, opportunities and pitfalls.


Day One

9.20am-9.30am: Welcome and Introduction Carol Jenkins, The Investigator

9.30am-10.30am: Session One Noel Lowden

  • Introduction to the workshop, aims and objectives

  • Overview of Vehicle Systems – Infotainment, telematics, diagnostics, crash data, Vehicle Apps,/ Systems, Third Party Devices, Unique identifiers.

  • Tools and methods used to acquire data from Vehicle Systems.


10.30am-10.50am: Break


10.50am-Noon: Session One continues


Noon-12.30pm: Lunch

12.30pm-1.40pm: Session Two, James Wales, Master Technician, Audi

  • Vehicle Networks

  • Introducing the ‘FRANKIE’ Rig


1.40pm-2pm: Break

2pm-3pm: Session Three, Noel Lowdon and Carole Greaves

  • Crime scene and evidential considerations – Vehicles and Digital Strategies, Examination and Reporting Processes taking into consideration best practice, QMS/ ISO, Policy Decisions, Disclosure, CPIA, SWGDE, ACPO guidelines.


3.10pm: Day one finishes


7.30 pm – James Wales Q and A


Day Two

9.30am-10.30am: Session Three continues, Noel Lowdon, and Carole Greaves

10.30am-10.50am: Break

10.50am-Noon: Session Four, Phil Cocking

  • Infotainment operating systems and file systems – maximising data opportunities utilising other digital forensic techniques.


Noon-12.30pm: Lunch

12.30pm-2pm: Session Five, Noel Lowdon

  • Understanding Vehicle data - Reliability and ISO

  • Vehicle System Forensics in the court room

  • The future


2pm-2.30pm: Questions and closing remarks


2.30pm: Course finishes


Cost: £395 + VAT (GBP) per delegate

Booking: Please send the delegates name(s), email address/s and purchase order to or telephone +44(0)844 660 8707 for further information. 


If you require 5 or more delegates from the same organisation please contact us for a group discount quote. 

Payment can be made by PayPal/debit/credit card (corporate card fees apply + 3%). 

The meeting link will be sent out 2 days before the event.

Important disclaimer

Please note, we respectfully ask that only delegates who have paid for a place are permitted to attend our virtual conference. If you would like to attend as a group of more than 5 delegates from the same force/organisation then please contact us for group rates.

Please refer to the College of Police Code of Ethics 2014 for guidance. Please see page 11 section 7, which states: ‘I will treat information with respect, and access or disclose it only in the proper course of my duties’

Joining the event: All delegates are required to login with the name that is assigned to their email address, anyone that logs in as a guest, anonymous or a name not on the registration list will be removed from the conference. LEA/Government delegates can supply an alternative email address after their work email address has been verified if they are working from home and using their own electronic devices.

Noel Lowdon

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