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• A brand-new series of online CPD workshops aimed at aspiring, new to role, and established Senior Investigating Officers (SIOs) that cover contemporary issues around the management of major crime investigation.

• This is an exclusive series that has been newly launched by The Investigator with the aim of supporting the SIO community and celebrating the pivotal role they play in the investigation of major crime and in providing justice for victims.

Our six events for 2021 all run on Microsoft Teams

  • June 8: Investigative Decision Making and the role of the SIO.

  • July 6: Public Inquiries and Article 2 Inquests.

  • September 28: Covert strategies and key considerations to support an investigation.

  • October 12: Stranger Rape and Serious Sexual Assault: challenges and opportunities.

  • December 1: Managing Social Media when an investigation or incident goes viral.

  • December 2: Murdered or Missing? Challenges when investigating a missing person that may lead to a murder investigation.


Supporting, Informing, and inspiring the next generation of senior leaders

The Investigator is launching six new innovative workshops aimed at supporting, informing. and inspiring the next generation of senior leaders and are a must-attend for aspiring, new to role and current Senior Investigating Officer working in a major crime role.

Our events feature an impressive line of up speakers who are current and former SIOs who have successfully led high-profile investigations, experts from the legal profession, academia, and industry.

Exclusive insight

Between them, they have years of experience in major crime management and will provide an exclusive insight into the tactical and strategic options available to SIOs when leading investigations.

National SIO Registrar Gary Tomlinson will be taking part in the events to provide sound guidance on the importance of the SIO register and remaining current with your continuous professional development.

We hope the workshops will provide a valuable forum for networking and debate and for engaging with peers, whilst also helping support SIOs to develop and enhance their management skills and abilities in this challenging but rewarding role.

Speakers details for first three events.

Details of speakers and topics for the first three events are published here today. Details of the other three events will be published shortly.

June 8: Investigative Decision Making and the role of the SIO.

This workshop looks at the pivotal role that SIO plays in a major crime investigation and the importance of effective decision making in helping direct and shape the course and outcome of an investigation.

Our impressive line-up of experts will draw on their experience to outline the factors that can lead to effective decision making along with current opportunities and best practice, research, and academic thinking, as well as some of the challenges that could negatively effect the decision-making process.

Speakers and topics

  • An introduction to the role of the SIO and the importance of the SIO register, Gary Tomlinson, National SIO Registrar

  • An understanding of the origins of the PIP programme and the importance of decision making within the investigation process, Dan McGrory, National Programme Manager Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP) National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA)

  • Golden Hour principles and the Investigative Mindset, Paul Fullwood was an ACC and former head of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Protective Services and a PIP4 Gold Commander. He is now an advisor to the NPCC on SIO development

  • Recognising and minimising cognitive bias in Investigative decision making, Professor Jason Roach, Professor of Psychology and Policing. University of Huddersfield

  • Operation Clockface, decision making challenges in a complex and high-profile counter terror investigation and its personal and professional impact, Det Supt Richard Agar, West Midlands Police

  • Can you think like an expert detective? Thinking and deciding in criminal investigations, Dr Ivar Fahsing, Detective Chief Superintendent, Norwegian Police University College and Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.

  • The importance of decision logs in supporting decision making and ensuring it is fit for future scrutiny, Det Supt Matt Bonner, Met Police

September 28: Covert strategies and key considerations to support an investigation.

The workshop will provide an understanding of the covert tactical options available to SIOs for exploitation and an understanding of the legal and operational security considerations and challenges. It will also include an understanding of the tactical options available and when they could be exploited and add value to an investigation.

It will consider the impact of disclosure in the public domain and other challenges in presenting sensitive information in an investigative strategy.

There will also be an outline of key legislation that governs covert activity including the safeguards and external oversight (Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO).

Speakers and topics

Managing a covert response to a sensitive ‘crime in action’ with key partners, key stakeholders, and the impact of disclosure in the public domain, Paul Fullwood was an ACC and former head of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Protective Services and a PIP4 Gold Commander. He is now an advisor to the NPCC on SIO development.


An extended session run by Detective Supt Tim Gray, OCU Commander MO5 Covert Governance, Met Police.

The session will cover:

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) / Part 3 Police Act 1997 (P3)

  • Surveillance – Directed and Intrusive

  • Surveillance – Property Interference


Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) / CHIS (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021 (CCA)

  • Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS) and Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (IPA)

  • Targeted Equipment Interference (TEI) / Targeted Interception (TI)

Booking information

You can book a place on all six of the events and attend them as part of your on-going CPD. Or you can book on individual workshops.


If you book one event it costs £195 + VAT per delegate

If you book all five as a course of CPD it costs £675 + VAT which is just £135 + VAT per workshop saving you £300!

Booking: Please send the delegates name(s), email address(es) and purchase order (made out to THE INVESTIGATOR) to: or telephone +44(0)844 660 8707 for further information.  If you require 5 or more delegates from the same organisation please contact us for a group discount quote.

Payment can be made by PayPal/debit/credit card (corporate card fees apply + 3%). 

Important disclaimer

Please note, we respectfully ask that only delegates who have paid for a place are permitted to attend our virtual conference. If you would like to attend as a group of more than 5 delegates from the same force/organisation then please contact us for group rates.

Please refer to the College of Policing Code of Ethics 2014 for guidance. Please see page 11 section 7, which states: ‘I will treat information with respect, and access or disclose it only in the proper course of my duties’

Joining the event: All delegates are required to login with the name that is assigned to their email address, anyone that logs in as a guest, anonymous or a name not on the registration list will be removed from the conference. LEA/Government delegates can supply an alternative email address after their work email address has been verified if they are working from home and using their own electronic devices.

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July 6: Public Inquiries and Article 2 Inquests

This workshop provides an outline of the Public Inquiry and Article 2 Inquest and of the role SIOs could be required to undertake as a result of an investigation coming under external scrutiny from the authorities.

It will feature an impressive line-up of experts who have been involved in some of the most high-profile Public Inquiries and Article 2 inquests including The Bloody Sunday Inquiry, Undercover Policing Inquiry, Hillsborough, Grenfell Tower, Fisherman’s Hall (London Bridge murders) Inquest and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse.

It will provide strategic and operational advice to SIOs and supervisors around this challenging area and address challenges that arise for SIOs as a result of parallel proceedings and dealing with highly sensitive material in a public forum.

Speakers and topics

  • Outlining the role of the public inquiry: key principles, difference between statutory and non-statutory inquiries, an insight into the evidence gathering process in the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, Emma Ireton, Solicitor on the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Law School, researcher into public inquiries and author of the recent book The Practical Guide to Public Inquiries.

  • A QC’s perspective of public inquiries: an exclusive insight into some of the major public inquiries and inquests of the day, Nicholas Griffin, QC, leading Public Inquiry and inquest barrister

  • The Challenge of an Inquest during a criminal inquiry, Detective Chief Superintendent Neil Malkin, Senior Investigating Officer - Operation Resolve, Hillsborough Investigation

  • Delivering an effective investigation working in parallel with a Public Inquiry, Detective Superintendent Matt Bonner, Senior Investigating Officer, Operation Northleigh, Grenfell Tower Fire

  • Challenges, considerations and best practice from the Anthony Grainger Public Inquiry, Det Supt Ryan Davies, Serious Crime Division, Greater Manchester Police

  • The impact of an Article 2 inquest on law enforcement and understanding the wider considerations, Paul Fullwood, former head of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Protective Services and a PIP4 Gold Commander. He is now an advisor to the NPCC on SIO development.

  • Article 2 Inquests: A Coroners perspective, Professor Fiona Wilcox, Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner for `Inner West London