First ever wellbeing toolkit for Investigators launched by NPCC

A new wellbeing toolkit for Investigators, the first of its kind, has been launched with the aim of

ensuring anyone who works in an investigative role in policing can feel heard, valued and know

where to seek wellbeing support if they need it.

The product has been the culmination of eight months of work by the National Wellbeing of

Investigators Working Group, who have worked closely with colleagues in the College of Policing,

Oscar Kilo, Police Federation, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and force champions in

order to identify best practice.

The group have drawn on research, particularly the National Police Wellbeing Service and the

Durham University 2019 Wellbeing Survey, which demonstrated that investigators experience the

lowest levels of wellbeing across policing, and particularly suffer from a loss of emotional energy.


Det Chief Supt Martin Brunning, who leads the National Wellbeing of Investigators Working Group

said: “As a career detective, I can think of no other policing specialism that brings more satisfaction

and sense of personal pride than being an investigator. Supporting victims and their families

through the most harrowing life experiences and finally securing justice is why many of us join


“However, we know that the personal sacrifices investigators make, the continual exposure to trauma and the high workloads can converge to heavily impact on the wellbeing of investigators.”

He explained that while there were many wellbeing interventions, initiatives and measures available, that to date we have not had a central repository for interventions.


The toolkit has a raft of interventions that have proven benefits and are graded to show ease of implementation, cost of implementation and effectiveness. Interventions are categorised into Leadership, Personal Resilience, Protect and Prepare the Workforce, Creating the Environment and Mental Health.

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Det Ch Supt Martin Brunning