Cellebrite Responder—the perfect solution when you need to gather critical digital evidence right now, Sean Millwaters of Cellebrite explains.

Investigators are all too aware of how critical the first 48 hours of an investigation are. Whether it’s to catch a killer, respond to an abduction, or prevent a child from being exploited, investigators need to gather critical information right away to jumpstart investigations and resolve cases fast.


Cellebrite, the worldwide leader in Digital Intelligence solutions, has responded to law enforcement’s need for just such a solution with Cellebrite Responder. As part of Cellebrite’s full suite of Digital Intelligence products, Cellebrite Responder allows users to quickly surface key insights anytime, anywhere, which saves critical investigation time. And it’s available as software, on a self- serve kiosk platform, or on a ruggedized laptops, so you can choose the platform that’s just right for your team. 


Real time data collection and review to answer critical questions

Cellebrite Responder supports the wideset range of mobile devices and applications with more than 32,295  device profiles and 11,732 App versions available. All supported models are tested by Cellebrite’s R&D team, so customers are covered not only in the number of devices supported, but by the depth of data extracted from devices. With Cellebrite Responder users can choose and fine tune the data collection level from comprehensive collection to a very targeted and selective collection.


This includes:

  • The widest full file system collection up to Android 11 and iOS 14.6 

  • Selective full file system for both Android and iOS allowing users to select in-depth collections from specific applications or databases

  • Advanced logical extraction according to data types and time range 

  • Vendors built-in backup to get additional data from 3rd party applications 


Cellebrite Responder is also the first tool in the market to introduce a full file system support for the latest Samsung

Exynos flagship devices running Android 11. Including Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S21 that was

launched earlier this year. Cellebrite Responder provides Qualcomm Live - a unique Cellebrite extraction capability for

unlocked Qualcomm based devices. It is a generic method providing wide support for various devices from many

manufacturers, including Samsung devices with Android 11.0, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, and many others.​


Collect With Confidence​, Collaborate With Your Community

With Cellebrite Responder, investigators can cherry pick specific files or chat conversations using Chat-Capture to

respect community  privacy. Teams can also get a snapshot of device properties such as the device owner, SW

version, storage, and other characteristics, before the collection has even begun.  


By getting a list of  installed apps and their category, investigators can prioritize devices for extraction and plan next

steps to move investigations forward faster.


Review and analyze data in a streamlined workflow 

Investigators can now use Cellebrite Responder’s integrated viewer to analyze data from chat conversations, timelines

and view locations on offline or online maps quickly. Data can then be streamed to Cellebrite Pathfinder to get

actionable insights and cross case investigations to jumpstart investigations fast. Customized UFDR reports can then

be shared and viewed with Cellebrite Reader.


Implement your internal procedures to comply with standards and maintain high digital investigation practices

Cellebrite Responder also works with Cellebrite Commander so that end points can now be managed centrally. Other Responder features include the ability to:

  • Control permission and configurations, customize automatic reports, audit usage, and manage SW versions

  • Guide investigators throughout the collection process with customized instructions that can be tuned to your standard operating procedures

  • Include customized agency forms, such as SFR consent forms, as part of the collection process

  • Allow users to log investigation notes easily with text, screenshots, and camera footage to audit the entire collection process


Cellebrite Responder in action

To show how effective Cellebrite Responder can be, the Cleveland Police in England deployed a team to the scene of a homicide. By using Cellebrite Responder in the field, the team was able to:

  • Instantly gain access and control of the digital evidence

  • Avoid having to wait for the backlogged lab to retrieve a full extraction, which might have taken weeks to facilitate

  • Quickly collect evidence, integrate the findings into the case, and share the evidence with the interrogation team. This helped expedite the interview process, refute the suspect’s alibi, and speed the time to an arrest.

  • Capture the evidence in a forensically sound manner that could not be questioned later by solicitors when the case went to trial.


The result was the quick arrest of Jonathon Joseph Robinson who was charged with the murder of Laura Harrison. A trial was held at Leeds Crown Court in June 2019 and the digital and physical evidence was used in court to confirm Robinson’s actions. The trial resulted in Robinson being found guilty of murder and given a sentence of life imprisonment with a requirement to serve a minimum of 21 years.


DC Robert Griffiths of the Cleveland Police summarized the value of Cellebrite Responder by saying, “Without the Cellebrite Responder Kiosk, this evidence would not have been available for the interviews due to the existing backlog at the Digital Forensics Unit and the time it would


To learn more about how Cellebrite Responder can help your team close more cases faster, click here.

Sean Millwaters